Earn money with your social networks

Earn money recommending your favorite brands, products and services in social networks.

How it Works?

Follow these easy steps to begin with your campaign

Register for cleverflow.mx.


Chose between the campaigns we have for you.


Once approved, the content will be published automatically.


Get your profits.


What kind of influencer are you?


They are famous people known for activities outside social networking. They are generally opinion leaders and mass audiences are very attentive to their online updates. They have over 25,000 followers on social networks.

Influencer Pro

They are very active in social networks with very large audiences. These users are famous and have built a reputation because of their online activity. They have more than 2,000 followers on social networks.


Are those regular people with not very large audiences, but commonly involved in their social networks; contacts share their interests and characteristics. They have between 50 and 2,000 followers on their social networks.

How and when to collect my earnings?

Cleverflow pays influencers involved in campaigns through bank wire transfers depending on the king of influencer.


Every campaign is different, and the payday will be determined on you activity report.


In the configuration section of your account you can enter the payment method you prefer, as well as details for the deposit to be made.